Minecraft tricks 2020

Minecraft tips in 2020? Going caving is the easiest way to find diamonds, even if it might not be the most efficient. Diamond ore veins can often be spotted in corners of deep cave systems or ravines. A lot of players might prefer exploring caves to find diamonds, since it does not require too many tools or a bout of labor-intensive mining. However, caves can have a ton of hostile mobs waiting for you at every corner, so do be careful. Another method, which is guaranteed to exhaust a bunch of iron pickaxes but is slightly more efficient, is branch mining. A lot of Minecraft players prefer to dig their mining tunnel down from the Overworld and go down a carefully-mined staircase to reach Y Level 11 or 12.

The sheep, cows and other animals They are harmless and won’t do anything to you if you get close to them. However, removing them will help you get emeralds or even food to regenerate health, so you already know what to do whenever you see one. When you go through the phases the game will always tell us where to go, but don’t be afraid Go in the opposite direction where the arrow marks you, as it can help you find chests or secret rooms. To make it easier, by holding down the button to open the map, you will see a more complete screen in which it will show better which places you have traveled, besides showing you how many secret chests you haven’t located yet. See more information at Minecraft gaming blog.

Water and Lava can be the most annoying, and deadly, surprises you encounter in Minecraft outside of the monsters. Nothing’s worse than accidentally flooding your mine with water or cracking open the roof to get a diamond and inadvertently releasing a pillar of lava. For this reason you should always have a backup plan ready for these situations. The good news is that, even with lava, you can plug up a hole with just about any block. You’ll be overflowing with cobblestone while mining anyway, so keep a stack on your quick bar right next to your pickaxe so you can instantly swap to it and place a block to replace the one you just broke and halt the flow. You have a few seconds to do this before the lava actually drops down to the ground and spreads, and as long as you can still reach the source, any lava that slipped out will disappear.

Strip mining is a classic Minecraft strategy that even people who haven’t played since Alpha may know about. Strip mining is a great way to maximize the amount of resources found underground while avoiding the dangers of spelunking. To strip mine, simply dig down a few layers and then dig a 2×2 or 3×3 mineshaft in a single direction. When looking for diamonds, the player should mine down to layer 12 before strip mining. To check the current layer, simply hit F3 on PC or Fn+ F3 on Macs. There’s a lot of information on this screen, but players should pay attention to the second number after the “XYZ” on the left side of the screen, This method should yield a higher amount of ores like iron and diamonds due to layer 12 having a greater chance of spawning ore. Remember that ores rarely every spawn as one single block, so always check the surrounding area for more. Additionally, always keep in mind the golden rule of Minecraft: never dig straight down, and never dig straight up. Discover extra details at https://creeperlife.com/.