Cold War boosting

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How does CoD Cold War Leveling boost work? CoD: Black Ops Cold War allows players to level up from 1-55. After you reach 55, you unlock Officer levels which go from 55 to 155. This can be a very dull and time-consuming process, not everyone enjoys leveling or has time for it to unlock all the vanities and Ribbons. This is where we come in. We started our CoD Cold War leveling service in order to help all CW players who just do not enjoy leveling or simply can’t find the time for it. We offer leveling anywhere from 1 to 155, a spectrum of additional features such as maintaining a KD of 2.0 or more, streaming your boost for you to watch and doing it in express mode. The possibilities are endless, order and let us level you up ASAP.

We were the first boosting service to enable customers to publicly display reviews, so that the future customers can see that we are indeed the Premium boosting service. We also encourage our clients to post the name of their booster so their friends or future clients can request that specific booster. You may notice that you cannot leave a review before you have purchased a service and we completed it. Meaning that all reviews are honest and can only be left once and only after the service has been completed, with no option for future editing. If you’re still not convinced, check out our excellent reviews on our official Facebook page. See more information on cold war boost.

Gold is when your weapon has completed all camos. Platinum is when your weapons in a certain category for example assault rifles have all 8 weapons (DLC not required such as Grau) gold. Obsidian is a separate camo category that can be unlocked for each weapon and the requirement is that the weapon is already gold. Damascus is when all your non DLC weapons have gold (39 in total).

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