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A large surprise of this century is the e-Sports phenomenon. In the past gamers were ridiculed. Today they are earning more that sports people and gamers championships have better ratings than old sports. So here are some latest e-sports news. Today’s topic: Fortnite esports news.

What are esports? Esports (or electronic sports) are professional, organized video games competitions. In other words, professional gamers play videogames against one another competitively, often for large sums of money and prestige. These tournaments can range from small local matches to filling out stadiums of thousands. According to Newszoo’s 2018 Global Esports Market Report, the esports industry is estimated to be worth nearly one billion dollars within the next year – that’s a year-on-year increase of a whopping 38%. In addition, Newszoo estimates that by 2019, 427 million people worldwide will be watching esports (via ESPN). Discover extra details on eSports opinions.

The goal of the program is to build a roster of 60 competitive gamers. The Director of Esports and the Athletic Director will determine which games best fit the Michigan Tech esports program. The school is currently renovating a space a space in the Student Development Complex as a dedicated sports arena. The facility will include gaming computers, a competition viewing space, and space to live stream competitions. Michigan Tech Director of Athletics Suzanne Sanregret said, “I’m very excited to offer students another way to make gaming a supported part of their Michigan Tech experience. Competitive gaming requires an inclusive environment where all feel welcome, and that will be at the forefront of our recruitment strategy. We’re eager to begin.”

With headlines like these, it’s tough to deny the popularity, growth, and influence of esports. Now that esports has everyone’s attention, colleges and universities across the country now believe that esports will play a crucial role in their identities. So in addition to developing a formal esports program, most colleges plan to offer highly coveted scholarships as an investment in the growth of their student bodies and programs.

Unikrn VO, an online esports betting platform, told the company that they are looking for new providers to help grow the casino at an advanced level. Swintt is the one who blends it and commits to improving the online casino. Unikrn offers esport-related games as well as SwinttGamify online tools. It will provide the viewer with an unforgettable and unprecedented experience. The agreement distributes more than 50 games from the Swintt catalogue including land-based classics such as’ Master of Books,” Heart of Earth,” Legendary,’ and’ Panda Warrior,’ which is due to release next year. Source: