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Searching for GameCube ROM’s? Super Mario Kart. While everyone has their favourite Mario Kart – from the four-player-thrills of Mario Kart 64 to the weaponised mayhem of Double Dash!! – few would deny the SNES game’s claim to top spot. It’s aged beautifully – and, unlike many of its successors, every victory is hard-earned. Gaming’s finest spin-off. If Super Metroid taught us to fear the unknown, Link’s epic quest made it exciting again. A top-down Hyrule rammed with secrets and surprises, it’s a delight to explore. Not least when you figure out how the light and dark worlds slot together. Unlike these days where you’re given a nudge if you stray too far, here you’re encouraged to get gloriously, hopelessly lost – and you’ll have a whale of a time doing so.

Developer Riley Testut announced today this alternative solution to the iOS App Store that will not requires jailbreak tools, which also works on Apple’s latest update iOS 13. We have tested AltStore and it works as promised, but theres only one app available at this time which is Delta NES Emulator. The video below will show you how to install AltStore. Testut said additional apps will be available over AltStore after the official launch scheduled to September 28. He also notes that AltStore is an open source project, so other developers can take a look at everything on GitHub.

Using emulation software can be convenient and offers a wide array of choices in terms of hardware. When it comes to emulating retro games, most devices such as PCs and android devices can run emulation software with ease. Traditionally, emulators would be used on your existing PC as a hassle free way to play games you already own. There were even the likes of Bleem, a commercial emulator released in 1999 designed to run original PlayStation games on your PC. A popular modern choice of hardware for emulation is the single board computer known as the Raspberry Pi. Find a few more info at Pokemon Ruby.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is hilarious. That’s not a word you often use to describe a video game, but the humor in this game will have you breaking out in fits of laughter. Mind you, the jokes are quite adult, so keep the kiddies away for this one. The story starts off as a red squirrel named Conker wakes up from a night of drunkenness, and he has to find a way back home. In his journey, he comes across rambling scarecrows, evil teddy bears, big breasted sunflowers, boilers with brass testicles, dinosaurs who just want a friend, and a boss known only as The Great Mighty Poo. It’s completely nuts. Conker is a platformer game that breaks all the rules, and yet is still fun to play.

The original PlayStation holds an interesting spot in the landscape of the evolution of gaming. It was amongst the first (and certainly the most popular) console to truly push the 3D frontier, expanding beyond the flat 2D planes of gaming’s primitive origins and launching a revolution that would define the future of the medium. For some, it’s iconic, and rightfully so: games like Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil, both included on the PlayStation Classic, are some of the most revered titles in gaming. Although some high profile exclusions like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Grand Turismo rankle a bit, Sony has done an excellent job picking a slate of titles that’s broad enough to represent one of the most diverse libraries in console history. The whole package is a great nostalgia-trip not only for anyone looking to relive the mid-90s, but also for anyone who’s played the endless flood of sequels to these games and wonders where those series originated. See a few extra info on